At Profit Leuven, we are going to have a specific physiotherapy service to assist you for your sports performance or for rehabilitation.   

Below an overview of our physical therapists, our services and our fees.


Roel Bockstal

Profit coach Roel

Lic. in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy
ManaMa Sports physical therapy
ManaMa Neurological rehabilitation
Physiological chains Busquet

Quinten Van Herck

Lic in rehabilitation sciences & physical therapy
(Sports)physical therapist
Osteopath in training

Our services

General physiotherapy.

General physiotherapy focuses on restoring, maintaining and improving the body’s movement and functionality. It includes a range of physical treatments and exercises that help people deal with injuries, among other things.

As physical therapists, we use techniques such as mobilizations, manipulations, massage and exercise therapy to promote the health and well-being of our patients.

The goal of general physiotherapy is not only to relieve symptoms, but also to prevent future injuries and promote an active lifestyle.

Sports physiotherapy.

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized field within physiotherapy that focuses on treating and preventing sports-related injuries and improving athletes’ performance.

It includes specific techniques and exercises tailored to the needs and goals of athletes, such as strength training, mobilizations and functional training.

As sports physical therapists, we work closely with athletes to assist them in recovering from injuries and optimizing their performance.

Manual therapy and osteopathy.

Manual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, particularly of the joints and spine. It includes hands-on techniques such as mobilizations and manipulations to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore function.

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to health care that focuses on finding and treating disturbances in the body to promote natural healing processes.

Both disciplines take a holistic approach to the body, seeking to restore balance and promote health.

Postoperative and orthopedic rehabilitation.

Postoperative and orthopedic rehabilitation are both aimed at restoring patients’ functionality and mobility after orthopedic surgical procedures or in orthopedic conditions.

Postoperative rehabilitation specifically refers to the process of recovery after surgery, focusing on improving or restoring mobility, reducing pain and restoring function to the operated area.

Orthopedic rehabilitation includes a broader range of treatments and exercises aimed at improving the overall mobility and functionality of patients with orthopedic conditions, such as fractures, joint problems, arthritis, and so on.

These rehabilitation programs may include physical therapy, exercise therapy, mobilizations, manipulations, strength training and education on safe movement and activities of daily living. 

Neurological rehabilitation.

Neurological rehabilitation is a specialized form of rehabilitation that focuses on the recovery of people with neurological disorders, such as strokes, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, etc.

It is usually part of a multidisciplinary approach in which different healthcare providers, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and neuropsychologists, work together to address each patient’s specific needs.

The ultimate goal of neurological rehabilitation is to help patients achieve as much independence and quality of life as possible.

Cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation.

Cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation are specialized programs aimed at improving the health of patients with heart and lung diseases.

These rehabilitation programs involve a combination of exercise, education and counseling to improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of complications.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation targets patients with conditions such as heart attacks, heart failure, and coronary artery disease, while respiratory rehabilitation targets patients with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis.

These programs may include physical exercises, breathing techniques, dietary counseling, stress management and smoking cessation programs, with the goal of improving overall quality of life and reducing symptoms in these patients.

Vestibular rehabilitation.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy aimed at treating disorders of the vestibular system, which is responsible for balance and spatial orientation.

This rehabilitation often targets patients with conditions such as dizziness, balance disorders, and vestibular neuritis. It includes specific exercises and techniques designed to reduce symptoms, improve stability and promote adaptation to vestibular dysfunction.

Vestibular rehabilitation may include balance exercises, eye movement exercises, habituation exercises and postural adjustments

Our rates

Our therapists are not conventioned and one  treatment costs 38 euros

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