Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice from Profit in partnership with ORO Health

 Foreword by Damiano Fiore:

“As long as I can remember, sport and health play an important role in my life.


As a physical education teacher, I can help young people about this subject. Thanks to my training as a personal trainer  and the many courses on nutrition, strength training and hormone balance, I was able to develop myself and put this passion into practice.


My passion for strength training gradually expanded into healthy food and inner balance that play a crucial part in order to fully exploit your full potential.


During my many travels and volunteering I came into contact with different cultures that also helped me with an inner search process.


We often look  for what we have at home, but lose sight in all the hustle and bustle. My goal is to guide people during their busy lives, in the search of a healthy lifestyle.”

100 days Challenge

Are you ready to choose energy for 100 days? Together with a small group you will learn all about how to create energy by yourself and grow step by step to long lasting results.

Choice of nutritional advice at ORO Health

Experience day

Curious about what Oro Health really means? Sign up quickly for the ORO EXPERIENCE DAY and get to know one of the three pillars, namely healthy food!

1 on 1 health coaching

Do you need more personal guidance? Then opt for this 1 to 1 health coaching and get advice on detox, healthy eating and how to create more energy. This is individually adapted to your needs.

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