Individual training

At Profit, we help you with an adapted training schedule according to your wishes and needs.
Our customers questions can be subdivided into 4 categories and for each customer we make an individual training schedule.

Building muscle mass and rehabilitation

Gaining a muscular body starts with building muscle mass. Muscle growth is caused by the succession of muscle training and nutrition, which allows the recovery and build-up of muscles.

Building muscle mass is also very important during and after a rehabilitation process.

If you have just been rehabilitated and have finished your sessions with the physiotherapist or if you have chronic complaints, personal training can help you rebuild your muscle mass.

We always make our training schedules tailor-made, according to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Losing Weight

In order to lose weight effectively, you can contact us for a tailor-made program.

The most important thing to become slimmer, is to follow a regular training schedule and control the ups and downs of your own motivation.

Because people are motivated in a different way, we make every training unique.

At Profit, we own the latest medical equipment to perform body scans and make calculations of your muscle and fat mass percentages.

Our personal coaches will always help you with the interpretation of body scans in function of your training schedule.

Getting fit

Are you not yet involved in a sport and you would like to exercise more?
Here you are at the right place!

After a consultation and a first test of 30 minutes, we can establish a training schedule together, to start your sports journey according to your availability.

We regularly discuss your improvements and adjust the exercises according to your evolution.

It’s this evolutionary process, in function of your improvements, that helps to keep the motivation.

Specific fitness training by sport

During our workouts we emphasize both strength training and corestability. This ensures a balanced body development.
In the first phase we always start with general strength training and after that we specifically build on the needs of your sport and your goal.

The emphasis is always on endurance training and skills within your sport.

After an analysis we look at which skills we can improve, to take your sports performance to a higher level.


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