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Profit coach Roel

Roel Bockstal

I am Roel, passionate about sports all my life. So I decided very quickly to make my hobby my profession and went to study physiotherapy. Afterwards I followed several courses on strength, stabilization, rehabilitation, sports techniques, …

Profit coach Damiano

Damiano Fiore

I am Damiano, as long as I can remember sports and health play an important role in my life. As a physical education teacher, I can help young people about this subject. Thanks to my training as a personal coach and the many courses on nutrition, strength training and hormone balance, I was able to further develop and put this passion into practice.

Profit coach Gaëtan

Gaëtan Matthys

I am Gaëtan, a true sports fanatic. Five years ago I took my first steps in the fitness world. I completed the NASM Personal Trainer course to pass on my passion for sports to others.

Profit coach Bert

Bert Lauwers

I am Bert, passionate about sports and movement.
After my education in the science of sports, I decided to pass on my passion and knowledge to others.

Profit coach Mona

Lisa Jacobs

I am Lisa, passionate about sports since childhood; it started with gymnastics, dancing and then snowboard and jet ski.
It is my outlet; gives me energy … a passion that I want to share with as many people as possible.

Profit coach Simon Favresse

Simon Favresse

I am Simon, passionate about sport from childhood. Tennis and swimming were my favorite sports, from the age of 16 weightlifting was added. I followed various courses in coaching and nutrition and have several years of experience as a personal coach.

Profit coach Koen

Koen Geeraerts

I am Koen and have been passionate about sports and healthy nutrition since my teens. After a career of 15 years in sales in the facitilty sector, I choose a whole new chapter in my professional life in 2018.

Profit coach Mona

Mona Verfaille

I am Mona, a spontaneous person who lives in the moment and is always looking forward to new (sports) challenges. What I love when coaching? See how people evolve and become stronger and what a positive influence it has in everyday life.

Profit coach Simon Dewulf

Simon Dewulf

I am Simon, from a very young age I have always been engaged in sports and physical activities. I graduated as a civil engineer, but then retrained as a Personal Trainer. The physical and mental health of my loved ones and myself is the common thread throughout my life.

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